Unless you start again, become that trusting, open, surrendered being, the energy canít come in that is the kingdom of Heaven.

Ram Dass 

Are you wondering why you are you here?

Not wondering why you are here on this website, but here in the grand scheme of things? If you've been feeling discombobulated, you are not alone, and here you'll find guidance to help you manifest your highest potential!

Welcome to the NEW AGE!
The end of the Mayan Calendar on 12-21-2012 heralded in the 5th Dimensional vibration and energies on the planet, and with Gaia shifting to the 5th Dimension during the fall equinox of 2013, the higher consciousness energies have been gestated and anchored. This shift has left many feeling lost, out of sorts and wondering what the hell they are doing here.

Tricia Chandler, PhD, LPC, HomD, Quantum Energy Practitioner, Reiki Master and Art Therapist and the founder of Butterfly Endeavors Healing Arts can help you navigate the shift through Whole Body Healing & Energetics services and holistic health solutions. If you are already taking to the new shift maybe it's time to celebrate with a customized, sacred ceremony and invitations from our Wedding & Event Services or a beautiful new work of art for your space from our collection of photography and mixed media.

Regardless of your needs, we are here to help you embrace the new age with love and light. Feel free to contact us with any questions along your journey.
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Whole Body Healing & Energetics
Long-distance healing, spiritual counseling and consulting will help you through any personal blocks and help manifest your highest potential.
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Customized Wedding & Event Services
Incorporate an added theme of consciousness to your event by co-creating a unique sacred ceremony. complete with invitations, cards and other printed specialty items.
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Upcoming Workshop:
Understanding the Healing Power of Art will guide you to understand how art leads to deep healing and the inner connections of art, consciousness, energy and neuroscience.
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